Our Story

Hello there! We are a friend of a duo team (Vanessa and Joanne) who run the online store behind The Chic Habitat, one of us with a baby boy who just turned 18 months not too long ago.
As time goes by when Vanessa were looking for toys for her little one and realized the importance of open ended play for children. The wooden toys shout for good-looking, heirloom quality and environmentally friendly toy can offer your child or children a world of possibilities and the main reason is because open- ended toys do not TELL your child to play this way or that. It is the perfect toys to keep at home for 0-100 years old, yes even the adults find it pleasant on the shelfs.
“Play is the work of the child.”  – – Maria Montessori
The thought of wood makers toys, fun educational activities, imaginative play, get us started on this exciting journey with The Bebe Habitat. We are here to search for the finest, handcrafted, ethical toys to share them with our community. At The Bebe Habitat, we curate the cutest yet most functional gifts for babies and toddlers that we will also bring into our home. We only seek the best to share with you.
Thank you for supporting our humble business.