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Weaning | Annabel Karmel

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Author: Various

Whether you are in the trenches of potty training, are trying to teach your kids empathy, or need the magic formula to coparent with your partner, one thing is certain: You. Want. Answers.

From general parenting advice to tackling specific struggles, here are some books that may help you navigate many of the parenting issues you’re facing.

Weaning by Annabel Karmel: The new edition of Weaning guides you through every aspect of weaning your baby, with advice on when to start weaning, which foods to introduce first, how to prepare foods safely, and how to spoon feed purees and solid foods. With up-to-date information on allergies and intolerances, advice on how to encourage baby-led weaning, and tips on combining foods to build up flavors and textures, you can be sure your baby is getting exactly what his or her growing body needs.