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Skip To The Loo : A Potty Book by Sally Lloyd-Jones

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Author : Various

Early children's literature consisted of spoken stories, songs, and poems, used to educate, instruct, and entertain children. It was only in the eighteenth century, with the development of the concept of childhood, that a separate genre of children's literature began to emerge, with its own divisions and expectations. The earliest of these books were educational books, books on conduct, and simple ABCs—often decorated with animals, plants etc.

Encouraging and teaching your child to read early has multiple benefits and is the key to your child's academic future. The main reason is that reading is at the heart of all formal education. Below are some of the many advantages of developing early reading ability in your child.

  • Neurological
  • Educational
  • Psychological
  • Social
  • Linguistic

Whether you’re reading a classic novel or fairy tales before bed, reading aloud to children can significantly benefit your child’s life.