Colibri Canada - Reusable Large Wet Bag

RM 120.00

Reusable Wet Bag is used for keeping dirty and damp clothing, swimwear, toiletries and/or anything that may be wet or damp. This child-friendly wet bag has specialized zippers tested and certified it is safe for little fingers. It is also FDA approved to hold snacks/food. Each bag is stitched together so precisely to ensure years of use. 

Measuring at 17 x 24 inches, the two straps with snaps allow the bag to hang on a towel rod, change table or can be lopped together to form a handle. Made in Canada with 100% cotton outer and 100% polyester with Polyurethane membrane liner (commonly known as PUL) and YKK zippers that are lead and nickel free.

Machine wash cold / low dry or hand wash and hang to dry.