CollectA Mini Sea Life Set II- 12pcs

RM 69.00

Small worlds, as well as being fun, are the ideal platform for nurturing children's imagination from a young age. This play provides them with an opportunity to explore new materials, act out scenarios from real life, build language, practice social skills, and gain an understanding of the world.

They boost your little one's development, creativity and imagination.  

This mini Sea Life set features marine animals. Teach your children the names of these animals, their body parts and the way they move.

  • includes 1 bowhead whale, 1 orca, 1 sawfish, 1 sperm whale, 1 beluga whale, 1 narwhal, 1 pilot whale, 1 dugong, 1 octopus, 1 loggerhead turtle, 1 spotted seal, 1 south african penguin
  • high quality non-toxic PVC
  • toxic-free acrylic paint
  • created with the help of a famous UK paleoimagery