Son & Daughter - Lenon Sets

RM 149.00

Go as dressy (and 70's) as you like with this sets, or strip it down to the basics with onesie only. And no matter the vibe you pick, your daughter's outfit will always look good! 

Available in color Dessert.

Comes in two pieces, the onesie and the flare pants.

Featuring a stretch cotton rib material that sits through the body and an exaggerated flare at the ankle.



Chest : 6/12m 22cm, 1/2y 24cm, 3/4y 26cm, 5/6y 29cm, 7/8y 32cm

Length : 6/12m 30cm, 1/2y 33cm, 3/4y 38cm, 5/6y 41cm, 7/8y 44cm


Waist : 6/12m 34cm, 1/2y 36cm, 3/4y 40cm, 5/6y 44cm, 7/8y 48cm

Length : 6/12m 39cm, 1/2y 45cm, 3/4y 53cm, 5/6y 60cm, 7/8y 65cm

Model 6.5y; 21 kg; 123 cm wearing size 7-8y
Model 2y; 12kg; 86cm wearing size 1-2y


Hand wash or cold gentle machine wash in a laundry bag
Do not wring
Do not bleach
Do not tumble dry
Do not iron